This project is the study of sequence in this case is sequences of pencil. I’ve interested in the pencil shapes. Thoses are circular and hexagonal shapes. From my research I’ve found that the circular shape pencils are mostly famous for those who draw, write and daily use such as artist, writer and student. In the other hand, those who use the hexagonal shape pencils are mostly use in architecture career, engineering and those who need pencil to fit in the hand in this case is drafting.
So I’ve decided to present the sequences of changing from circular to hexagonal shape sequencely in 60 degree.

As you can see in my first study model is showing the sequences in shapes and coloues. Blue colour shows the angles that have been cut piecemby piece in every 60 degree. Red colour shows that the shape have changed from circular to hexagonal step by step.

In my development I’ve study in more complexity of changing shape that changed every 5 degree angle piece by piece. The first one have been cut as multilayer twisted hexagonal to show smoother sequences. The second one shows that the angles of the circle have changed every 5 degree respectively to hexagon.

In the final study model I have combined my previous ideas together with the new techniques and materials. To show clearer sequences and let people to understand my work easier.

In the final outcome I’ve enlarged it to see the sequences much more easier and it shows clear piece by piece cutting from above to bottom. In this project I’ve developed alot of methods in a way to communicated with people to understand my work without saying anything.

If you have any comment or recommendation pleas let me know so I can use them to improve my projects in the future.


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